TITANFLEX kids’ eyewear is manufactured from high-quality TITANFLEX. This makes every pair of glasses unique, light as a feather and comfortable. So unrestricted playground fun remains safe even with glasses. And the shape? The cool design and ingenious, imaginative frame turn TITANFLEX Kids glasses into a valuable help in everyday life. They are fun for kids. They fit comfortably. They adapt to fit your child–not the other way round.

TITANFLEX Kids. Children discover the world

Unrestricted play


Running, jumping or painting: TITANFLEX Kids offers the perfect fit. These sophisticated TITANFLEX frames for kids are light and flexible. Ensuring optimum resilience for exploration and adventure. And if there’s a bump? They won’t buckle and will return immediately to their original shape.

Children's glasses from TITANFLEX Kids


Kids love them

Imaginative and full of ideas - children's glasses from TITANFLEX. Kids love the fresh bold look and parents love the material. The TITANFLEX children's glasses are easy to adjust and comfortable to wear.

TITANflex children's glasses are flexible and durable

The eyewear made with style

Innovative safety and resilience

Kids’ eyewear from TITANFLEX is manufactured from highly innovative TITANFLEX. The frames are adjusted to fit the contours of your child’s face by your ophthalmic optician. The light and flexible material makes wearing glasses child’s play.

Cool, cheeky, colourful.

TITANFLEX Kids is perfect for you!


TITANFLEX Kids Eyewear Collection

  • grey / gun col. 30
  • red / rose / violet col. 50
  • blue col. 70
  • blue col. 74
  • red / rose / violet col. 50
  • red / rose / violet col. 55
  • red / rose / violet col. 57
  • blue col. 70
  • red / rose / violet col. 50
  • red / rose / violet col. 51
  • red / rose / violet col. 55
  • blue col. 70
  • black col. 10
  • red / rose / violet col. 50
  • blue col. 70
  • blue col. 71

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Support for kids’ eyes and childproof for carefree everyday play - TITANFLEX Kids glasses fit the bill

Children love playing in a carefree and boundless way with no regard for restraint, always putting their heart and soul into it, whether immersed in painting or rushing at speed past trees. Glasses must always be where your child needs them. And they must be incredibly tough and childproof. We take this seriously. TITANFLEX Kids creates tough and extremely flexible kids’ eyewear. The TITANFLEX material makes the frames flexible, prevents injuries and adapts to fit the face perfectly.