TITANFLEX does not prevaricate. Sleek, personal, distinctive. Masculine design, robust and a perfect fit - TITANFLEX by Eschenbach is the benchmark for performance eyewear. From everyday wear to the sporty adventurous extreme. TITANFLEX eyewear stands firm. With ease.

TITANFLEX - Smarter. Tougher. Lighter.

TITANFLEX spectacles always fit

Perfect day - Perfect glasses

TITANFLEX eyewear always fits perfectly

High quality materials and sophisticated technology make TITANFLEX from Eschenbach Eyewear unique, light and flexible. Discover the glasses that are an easy match for you and your day.

masculine design - TITANFLEX glasses for men

Wow, that looks good

Masculine appeal with a style advantage

Downright masculine or downright stylish? TITANFLEX glasses from Eschenbach Eyewear have got just the right mix of both: Glasses for men who know what's needed for a successful appearance.

TITANflex spectacles with a sleek design

Performance Design Technology

Absolute freedom of design

Performance design technology: this means maximum durability without compromising on design. Eschenbach sets standards in innovation and in the development of high-end eyewear. This innovative technology revolutionises design. Producing eyewear which is lighter and more robust.

TITANFLEX eyewear Collection

  • black col. 10
  • grey / gun col. 30
  • red / rose / violet col. 50
  • blue col. 70
  • black col. 10
  • green col. 40
  • red / rose / violet col. 50
  • blue col. 70
  • grey / gun col. 31
  • grey / gun col. 35
  • green col. 40
  • black col. 13
  • grey / gun col. 35
  • brown col. 60

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TITANFLEX by Eschenbach. High-tech and traditional

In 1988 Eschenbach revolutionised the production, design and demand for eyewear with its development of TITANFLEX technology. The highly flexible, dimensionally stable material guarantees that all TITANFLEX eyewear is high-end, robust and a perfect fit. With the development of performance-design technology a further milestone has been reached in eyewear manufacture. Maximum stability with maximum flexibility. TITANFLEX eyewear by Eschenbach Eyewear features absolute freedom of design. In every design, the right model for every situation. Innovation and tradition. German design. Eyewear by Eschenbach.

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