Jos. Eschenbach 981535

Available colours
  • grey / gun  
Available sizes 1
  • 49 / 21 / xx / xx
xx/xx/xx/xx (a/b/c/d)
horizontal boxed lens size (a)
bridge width (b)
temple (c)
vertical boxed lens size (d)


Jos. Eschenbach

Jos. Eschenbach eyewear frames – contemporary lines combined with individual design

Pure design

Harmoniously designed glasses and ingeniously designed counterpoints

Jos. Eschenbach eyewear frames – exceptional quality through superior materials

Pure comfort

Elegantly made and light as a feather.
Jos. Eschenbach: a pleasure to wear.

Jos. Eschenbach – contemporary eyewear with puristic styling

Pure quality

Titanium, aluminium and acetate crafted with superior workmanship

Jos. Eschenbach eyewear – contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship

German Design

Pure in form. Inspired down to the finest details. Jos. Eschenbach demonstrates the design and innovation of a long and successful tradition.


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