Available colours
  • brown  
Available sizes 1
  • 58 / 20 / 155 / 42
xx/xx/xx/xx (a/b/c/d)
horizontal boxed lens size (a)
bridge width (b)
temple (c)
vertical boxed lens size (d)


FREIGEIST spectacles provide the perfect look and feel

Sophisticated acetate

Selected materials for
the perfect look and feel

FREIGEIST spectacles from Eschenbach Eyewear with corrosion-resistant titanium

Finest Titanium

Corrosion-resistant and assists
with hypersensitivity

FREIGEIST spectacles with a modern design

Inspired by modern architecture

The design reflects modern buildings

FREIGEIST spectacles are popular because of their size

Impressively large

Big glasses for big thinkers


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