Brendel 902191

Available colours
  • grey / gun  
  • red / rose / violet  
  • brown  
Available sizes 1
  • 54 / 16 / 135 / 38
xx/xx/xx/xx (a/b/c/d)
horizontal boxed lens size (a)
bridge width (b)
temple (c)
vertical boxed lens size (d)



Brendel spectacles with a unique style

From delicate to lavish

This collection offers a real diversity of looks yet remains completely coherent

Perfect lightness with Brendel spectacles

Brendel Velvet

New models with both a fascinating look and touch

Extravagant design from Brendel eyewear

Flattering Colours

We’re ready for the summer: Brendel sunglasses bring a fresh sense of retro into the hottest season of the year and combine clearly defined colours with enticing transparency.

Brendel spectacles with striking colours

Fashion meets frame

Style for the face


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