OCEANBLUE sunglasses for men and women


Individual. Modern. Streetwise. Sunglasses from OCEANBLUE are the outstanding fashion accessory for the style-conscious, young-at-heart and streetwise. The multifaceted high-end design is evocative of leisure time, which is positive and world-embracing in every situation in life.

OCEANBLUE. Discover life.

OCEANBLUE sunglasses are always in fashion

Life in tune with the times

Fashion, trends and individuality

OCEANBLUE stands for leisure and experience. Perfect lifestyle for independent people. Sunglasses from OCEANBLUE are striking and colourful with high-quality decoration. Sunglasses for men and women.

stylish sunglasses from OCEANBLUE

Brightly coloured and shiny

OCEANBLUE is trendy

Trendy materials and a variety of designs that change with the seasons make OCEANBLUE real eyecatchers. The brand sunglasses are at the forefront of fashion trends. Stylish for that special moment.

Top quality sunglasses from OCEANBLUE

Quality in the detail

Handcrafted and sophisticated workmanship

Frame, lenses and material of OCEANBLUE sunglasses are of exceptional quality. Design and manufacture comply with the highest expectations. The sunglasses easily withstand sun, wind and sea air. And naturally they offer ideal protection against UV radiation.

OCEANBLUE sunglasses for him and her - discover them now

On the beach in Ibiza or on the streets of Paris.

OCEANBLUE - Lifestyle sunglasses for him and for her


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On the beach, at the summer party, for all leisure time activities - OCEANBLUE sunglasses set the right tone

OCEANBLUE sunglasses are stylish, fashion-conscious and distinctive. For any occasion. They don’t just offer protection against UV rays. OCEANBLUE sunglasses are a fashion accessory which radiates exceptional sophistication. Individually designed for men and women, they underline the confidence and elegance of those who wear the brand. For discerning individuals who have a passion for fashion and design.