Glasses from HUMPHREY´S eyewear have been giving faces a fresh look since 1994: bold, striking and always unique. Yesterday's news doesn’t matter tomorrow. Because HUMPHREY´S glasses from Eschenbach Eyewear offer trends and variety by the bucket-load. For people who like to be ahead of their time.

Unique styles for unique personalities


Contrasts with a confetti-style pattern

The collection can’t fail to impress with its distinctive designs in complex colors, whilst contrasting pattern mixes create collection highlights which are unparalleled. Color schemes featuring two or multiple colors create contrasts and perfectly showcase the MIX & MATCH color trend.

Limited edition sunglasses

Four models that can’t fail to grab the attention

The MIX & MATCH trend is also reflected in the latest sunglasses, with a fine stainless steel front and a combination of colored lenses in ultralight stainless steel with an acetate mix on the temple ends.


A collection in contrasting pattern mix between bright colors and exciting breach of style

MIX & MATCH is the highlight theme of the season and the name says it all. This concept is definitely right on-trend: colors are boldly and unreservedly combined with each other, and exciting clashes of style are created through a consistent mix of patterns, colors and materials. In this way, HUMPHREY´S eyewear is able to achieve maximum effect through the eccentric interplay of colors and patterns.


Discover what HUMPHREY´S eyewear has to offer you.



HUMPHREY´S eyewear Collection

  • grey / gun col. 30
  • brown col. 60
  • blue col. 70
  • black col. 10
  • yellow / white / beige col. 80
  • black col. 10
  • yellow / white / beige col. 80
  • black col. 10
  • red / rose / violet col. 50
  • blue col. 70

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HUMPHREY’S eyewear: Just your style.

HUMPHREY’S glasses and sunglasses have been designed for young people who prefer to set trends than follow them. Anyone who lives a funky lifestyle and likes to stand out from the crowd will love HUMPRHEY'S eyewear and always be delighted that the Eschenbach label is as adaptable as themselves. Just BE DIFFERENT!

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