With its premium eyewear brand FREIGEIST, Eschenbach Eyewear is combining the highest level of quality with a commitment to perfect design. Eyewear from FREIGEIST is inspired by the structural clarity of contemporary architecture and embodies the success, visions and passion for innovation which are synonymous with free spirits. Structural clarity, stylistic confidence and maximum comfort.

Experience freedom. Push the boundaries. FREIGEIST eyewear.

For discerning men.

Clarity and confidence

Clarity of design. Masculine dimensions. Puristic aesthetics. FREIGEIST epitomises contemporary design. FREIGEIST makes a clear statement. Blazes a trail - just like those who wear the brand.

Masculine design.

FREIGEIST offers new dimensions

The design reflects the attitude of the typical FREIGEIST wearer. Quality crafted frames made from selected materials, innovative and with a sleek design. Attractive to look at, technically perfect.

Show more size with less.

FREIGEIST focuses on less material and more space for the head!

With minimal material rim thickness and fashionable colours from moss to nutmeg, the architectural designs create space for expressive faces. Finished with a high-quality FREIGEIST frame and engraved logo.

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For discerning men. Puristic. Masculine. Stylish.

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FREIGEIST Eyewear Collection

  • black col. 10
  • grey / gun col. 39
  • brown col. 60
  • grey / gun col. 30
  • grey / gun col. 39
  • brown col. 60
  • blue col. 70
  • black col. 10
  • grey / gun col. 30
  • grey / gun col. 37
  • green col. 40
  • black col. 10
  • grey / gun col. 30
  • grey / gun col. 35
  • grey / gun col. 37

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FREIGEIST - premium eyewear from Eschenbach Eyewear

FREIGEIST is the epitome of success, urban design and distinctive masculine aesthetics. Free spirit. Robust frame. Masculine structure and design. FREIGEIST is the brand for men with confidence. We are creating a clear, distinctive, consistently leading-edge design concept which sets new benchmarks in the world of eyewear design.