BRENDEL is eyewear fashion by females for females - inspired by the work of renowned fashion designers, stylists and makeup artists. BRENDEL combines current trends in international female fashion with the tradition of an established, German eyewear manufacturer. Material selection, workmanship and design create the ultimate look and ensure maximum comfort. BRENDEL eyewear will always be the perfect accessory for underlining the personality of the females who wear this brand.

Brendel eyewear: frames for women

Fashion meets frame

A face is like a work of art. It deserves a great frame.

Soft, feminine lens shapes girt by cool, finely-rimmed stainless steel combined with crystal clear materials draw attention to the highlight theme perfectly.


Here comes the sun!


BRENDEL eyewear is also featuring translucent materials in the latest sunglasses range. The transparent acetate reveals the high quality combination with the finest stainless steel.



A new fashion trend, which offers revealing insight.

True to the motto “TRANSPARENCY”, this season the big fashion designers really let on. BRENDEL eyewear convinces too with the lightness and transparency of its range of feminine stylistic devices!


Discover the diversity of designs that BRENDEL eyewear has to offer.

Discover Brendel eyewear


Brendel Eyewear Collection

  • grey / gun col. 30
  • green col. 40
  • brown col. 60
  • red / rose / violet col. 50
  • red / rose / violet col. 50
  • red / rose / violet col. 51
  • red / rose / violet col. 52
  • grey / gun col. 30
  • brown col. 60
  • blue col. 70

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Brendel is fashion for the face.

Brendel eyewear by females for females. Models inspired by international catwalks, stylists and makeup artists, which at the same time accentuate the natural radiance of every female.

Brendel uses shape, colour and design to create the perfect accessories for discerning females. The high quality frames have been designed and manufactured by skilled females – and are mainly hand crafted.

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