Nine brands with strong personalities and three recent Red Dot Awards are clear evidence of how Eschenbach Optik combines contemporary flair with reliable quality and inspirational design. As one of the Top 10 throughout the world, this German eyewear manufacturer has embraced a strong vision for the future and a passion for innovation ever since its establishment in 1913. With expertise on a par with its partners, the company focuses on service, expansion and progress, pursues a strategy of continuous development and never ever stands still. Modern by tradition.

More than 500 employees – approximately 280 of these in Germany – work meticulously every day on the development and manufacture of magnifiers, electronic low vision aids, specialist visions aids, binoculars and the modern eyewear collections, which continue to showcase innovative technology and stylish design.

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In May 2019, a new era began for Eschenbach Optik. The Nuremberg company relocated its headquarters from Schopenhauerstraße to the “Auf AEG” site – an urban creative space in West Nuremberg:

Eschenbach Optik GmbH | Fürther Straße 252 | 90429 Nürnberg | Germany

Ever since the company was established in 1913, Eschenbach Optik GmbH has stood for quality and innovation. In 2019, the new location will generate fresh impetus in technical innovation and fashionable design.

The “Auf AEG” development is a cultural magnet that unites art, design, science and research in one location. From street art to poetry slams and digitalisation – the AEG site plays host to a lively community bursting with inspiration and creativity (you can find more information on “Auf AEG” here).

In contemporary loft offices, Eschenbach Optik will be pursuing new approaches characterised by creative co-working. At the same time, the company is remaining loyal to its history, which encompasses more than a century of expertise. This means that the experts in ophthalmic optics will continue to place great importance on reliability and service.



With the introduction of the TITANFLEX brand, Eschenbach Optik revolutionised the eyewear market in 1988. The Nuremberg group of companies was the first to discover the benefits of this light and flexible material for eyewear frames and right up to the present day still occupies the leading market role in this sector.

Further contemporary brands such as HUMPHREY´S eyewear, BRENDEL eyewear, FREIGEIST, Jos. Eschenbach and fineline, are evidence of how this eyewear expert is also a trailblazer in the fields of fashion and style. Prestigious licences, such as MARC O’POLO Eyewear, round off the outstanding brand diversity, which has already been honoured with the Red Dot Award on numerous occasions. A further highlight was added in 2019 – the MINI EYEWEAR licensed brand.


When he established his wholesale business for optical products in 1913, Josef Eschenbach could hardly have imagined that his company would go on to achieve such resounding success. Today, the Nuremberg company is one of the top players in the areas of eyewear and optics throughout the world.

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